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Student support

Research support

Mentor system

A mentor system has been established to support the study of program students in the WISE program.
Mentors consist of on-campus faculty members, senior students, and consortium faculty members. Teacher mentors work with their academic advisors to give advice through regular interviews, and student mentors give advice through study sessions.

Marine-AI student study session

Not only program students but also program manager participate and hold study sessions once a week. It is a good place for sharing research results, solving questions, and interacting with each other.

Financial supports

Various financial supports are provided for program students so that they can concentrate on study and research.

Financial Support of "Education and Research Support Expenses" (in the form of a grant-type scholarship)

Number of people / amount Maximum of 5 students in each enrollment year / 130,000 yen per month
Payment period Doctoral Program
Selection method Selected by QAU(Quality Assurance Unit) from students who have achieved excellent results in the examination conducted at the end of the master's program

Support for overseas studies & research activities

We subsidize research expenses and domestic and international travel expenses necessary for the activities of the program.
* Please contact us as the contents of assistance are subject to change.

RA (research assistant) system

RA system has been introduced for program students as part of the effective promotion of research activities and economic assistance to students.

Support is provided to all students in the master's program and doctoral program in an amount equivalent to 600,000 yen, which is the equivalent of the annual tuition fee.

Learning support

English training

As part of global human resource development, we are conducting English training for the purpose of acquiring logical conversation skills and practical meeting skills.

Online learning platform (Self-directed learning)

In this program, program students can freely study about 5,000 courses using the online learning platform.

Internship / Residentship

We provide internships (in 2 years for the first semester program) and resident ships (longer training, 3 years for the second semester program) that specialize in the practice of AI mainly to consortium partner institutes.

The following are examples of internship themes.

  • Super-resolution of seafloor topographic maps using AI
  • Development of transportation simulator by multi-agent system
  • Construction of a system to detect abnormalities from river camera images
  • Considering the introduction of AI technology for coastal and port analysis
  • Data assimilation of ocean observation results by fishing boats into ocean current models
  • Construction of training data creation system for marine vessel recognition

Employment support

Through the "Marine AI Consortium", which is an industry-academia-government collaboration, we will match program students with collaborative institutions and private companies, and provide employment consultation.