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The world envisioned by the WISE Program to foster AI Professionals for Marine Industries

Iseki Toshio
Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
Iseki Toshio

The program was selected in AY2019 by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) as a WISE (World-leading Innovative & Smart Education) Program. The program fosters "AI professionals for marine industries." These professionals will lead the development and evaluation of AI and social implementation in marine industries. Recently, AI based on big data and machine learning has remarkably advanced. Due to the expansion of communication networks supported by advanced IoT, vast information can be collected as big data and applied in image and voice recognition technologies, which are leading towards the elucidation of human behavioral patterns and social-economical laws.

Our country's future investment strategies must consider the necessity of human resource development toward the AI era and lead the transformation to a data-driven society. Consequently, it is recognized as urgent matter to foster highly competent engineers and researchers with leadership abilities by marine industries, including marine development, maritime affairs. "AI professionals for marine industries" with skills of big data analysis and machine learning technologies as literacy can accurately utilize AI based on specialized knowledge of marine industries, maritime affairs, fishery, and abundant experience in the fields provided by the University. They are innovators for social implementation, highly specialized engineers, and marine policy makers. Due to concerns of decreased labor in marine industries, the talent fostered in the program will play critical roles in the realization of Society 5.0 and sustainable development goals (SDGs). By creating diverse values and systems, they will establish Japan's strong marine presence on the world's stage. To build the program's foundational education, we founded MAIDEC (the Marine AI Development and Evaluation Center) in the campus, which houses high-performance computers. We also launched "the Marine AI Consortium" in collaboration with industry-academia-government partner institutions. The Marine AI Consortium forms an excellent hub devoted to educating talent, promoting interactions and communications, and producing new joint research projects. I hope that many of you choose to participate in the program.