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Request for Participation and Support

This program aims to foster doctoral students who will lead not only the academic world but also the industrial world. To achieve this goal, we believe it is important to provide students with educational and research opportunities that incorporate the perspectives of industry.

We look forward to the participation of those who agree with the intent of this program and will work with us to make it a success.

1. Special classes / invited expert lecturers

The Marine AI Development and Evaluation Center (MAIDEC) sustains its excellence in educational programs by inviting AI (machine learning) experts as visiting member professors and by developing instructors with a profound knowledge of big data and AI in each Course. MAIDEC has also developed an instructor qualification system as part of the internal quality assurance of its educational efforts. We are looking forward to your cooperation as an instructor with expertise in fields involving machine learning or data science.

2. Internship / in-residence system

We sustain excellence in our educational programs by conducting internships and an in-residence system centering on the Marine AI Consortium, which consists of organizations representing diverse marine fields. As MAIDEC becomes recognized as an outstanding international base for education and research, our internship and in-residence system, which involve overseas universities and research institutes with whom we have executed student exchange agreements, should become more active.

3. Mentor system

Our mentoring system works as a research and job consultation system centering on the Marine AI Consortium, which consists of various organizations representing diverse marine fields. We offer WISE Program students opportunities to understand potential career paths after earning their degree via a support network between students and private enterprises.

4. Symposia / workshops

Symposia are held to increase awareness about careers in marine AI and applications in marine and related fields. Participants range from students to members of higher education institutions, research institutes, and private enterprises. We also organize workshops, using the World Café methodology or other style, involving WISE Program students together with the Marine AI Consortium, which is comprised of diverse organizations representing different marine science fields.

5. Joint Research

To respond to society's needs, we actively promote research in cooperation with private enterprises and other partners to leverage the outstanding research results and excellent research capabilities of TUMSAT. The research cooperation systems of TUMSAT include a joint research system and a consigned research system. For more information, please refer to the TUMSAT Office of Liaison and Cooperative Research webpage (https://olcr.kaiyodai.ac.jp/).

6. Working professional students

We accept up to five working professionals as students in the doctoral program. In particular, we welcome students with careers that specialize in information and communications technology and are highly motivated to apply such technologies to marine-related fields.

7. Donations

To support this program, we established the WISE Program Education Fund as part of the TUMSAT fund. Donations will be utilized mainly to provide financial support (granting education/research support) to WISE Program students. For more information, please refer to the TUMSAT fund webpage.

For inquiries about participation and support
[Address for the submission] marine-ai_office[at]o.kaiyodai.ac.jp * Please replace [at] to @