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What is The Marine AI Consortium?

To assist MAIDEC's AI-related activities, the TUMSAT Marine AI Consortium (Consortium) has been established. The Consortium aims to contribute to the social welfare by providing new solutions for ocean-related challenges, creating new technological platforms, and fostering new leadership in marine sciences. Via cooperation with a wide range of organizations and other entities with expertise in this field, the Consortium will assist in research and education and disseminating knowledge, know-how, and resources related to IoT technologies.

One immediate challenge for the Consortium is to ensure that MAIDEC's WISE Doctoral Program, which aims to foster leadership in information technologies in various realms of ocean sciences, will yield a tangible impact on society. The Consortium is going to take part in the program from its early stages to enhance the practical application of AI technology in marine sciences.

Specific activities

  • Provide support for MAIDEC's WISE Doctoral Program and other education and training activities related to marine AI.
  • Support MAIDEC with its academic research on marine AI.
  • Conduct other activities to fulfill its mission.

Marine AI Consortium

Support provided includes, but is not limited to, the following:
  • Class teacher commission
  • Guest lecturer commission
  • Research guidance
  • Accepting internships and resident ships
  • Employment consultationEquipment provision
  • data offer
  • Holding symposiums and workshops

Partner institutes

List of cooperating institutes


Innoqua Inc.


Japan Weather Association


Nissui Corporation


Maruha Nichiro Corporation




Japan Radio Co.,Ltd.


MTI Co., Ltd.