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The Doctoral Program for World-leading Innovative & Smart Education (WISE Program) for the Development of AI Professionals in the Marine Industry at TUMSAT fosters AI professionals for marine industries including innovators, advanced professional engineers, and marine policymakers, who can employ AI accurately and lead the social implementation of AI based on marine, maritime, and fisheries expertise, and extensive field experience learned at TUMSAT.

Program Background

In marine research, TUMSAT (a long-time front runner in such research) and marine specialists are unsurpassed regarding data collection know-how and knowledge needed to correctly evaluate such data. Meanwhile, it is difficult for data science specialists to correctly evaluate the bias or quality of the data input into the programs they create. Marine AI professionals are engineers who fill this gap between AI program developers and marine specialists. We believe such individuals are bound to play leading roles in solving a wide variety of social issues.

(Excerpt from the VOYAGE2021 interview with the president)

This program has been adopted as a Doctoral Program for World-leading Innovative & Smart Education (WISE Program) in FY2019 funded by the MEXT.

WISE Program(Doctoral Program for World-leading Innovative & Smart Education)

The WISE Program is a program to encourage universities to systematically collaborate with other domestic and foreign universities, research institutes and private companies, etc. while taking advantage of its own strengths and achievements of graduate school reforms so far, and develop a five-year integrated doctoral degree program aggregating the world's top level educational and research capabilities, thereby fostering excellent doctoral talents who can lead each sector and creating outstanding bases where human resources development and exchange and new joint research are advanced sustainably.



The Marine AI Consortium, which was formed with our partner institutes, is based at the Marine AI Development and Evaluation Center (MAIDEC) established on November 1, 2019. The consortium promotes this program through industry-academia-government collaborations.


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This program is established as an educational program for a five-year integrated graduate school course.

The program fosters talent who are literate in big data analysis and machine learning methods, and can accurately evaluate the performance of artificial intelligence based on the specialized knowledge and abundant experience in the fields provided by the University. They are innovators for social implementation, highly specialized engineers, and marine policy makers. In addition to obtaining expertise in the specialized field of graduate study, the program cultivates the following abilities and skills:

  1. Ability to apply scientific knowledge and skills in data science, including data analysis and machine learning, for social implementation.
  2. Ability to accurately grasp and solve issues in specialized fields by planning and proposing the use of application technology as well as by applying big data and machine learning technologies.
  3. Ability to scientifically evaluate the effectiveness and validity of big data or AI application to social issues.
  4. Ability to make decisions and transmit information based on the results of data analysis and machine learning.