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  • The 1st Marine AI Open Seminar in AY2023 was held " TUMSAT 's latest case study of Marine x AI" Hybrid event November 8th

The 1st Marine AI Open Seminar in AY2023 was held " TUMSAT 's latest case study of Marine x AI" Hybrid event November 8th


The 1st Marine AI Open Seminar in AY2023 " TUMSAT 's latest case study of  Marine x AI" Hybrid event was held on Wenesday, November 8, 2023. Seminar included presentations of results from the collaboration with the Marine AI Consortium and examples of research by program students, and Q&A sessions was available for 120 participants, This 1st open seminar, as an outcome of the WISE Program, was held to introduce TUMSAT 's latest case study of  Marine x AI. Since 2021, the event was held in both online and face to face, Hybrid event for the first time in two years.  Questions were asked from the audience and online participants, many of which were technical and specific to the data sets used, key points in the analysis, and the accuracy of the plots from the model.
The program coordinator, Executive director, Masashi Maita, emphasized the importance of B to S (Students) and B to A (Academia) in the development of marine AI professionals, and expressed his hope that this seminar would be a place for communication between different fields to build a win-win relationship. The seminar ended with the participants expressing their hope.

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※[WISE Program (Doctoral Program for World-leading Innovative & Smart Education)]

Building upon their heretofore accomplishments in campus reform, these universities carry out systematic collaborations with other universities, research institutions and corporations in and outside Japan. By establishing integrated master's-doctoral programs, which over a 5-year period endow their students with a melding of top world-class educational and research prowess, these universities cultivate the kind of outstanding PhD professional who can pilot forward various sectors of society.

The Doctoral Program for World-leading Innovative & Smart Education (WISE Program) for the Development of AI Professionals in the Marine Industry at TUMSAT fosters AI professionals for marine industries including innovators, advanced professional engineers, and marine policymakers, who can employ AI accurately and lead the social implementation of AI based on marine, maritime, and fisheries expertise, and extensive field experience learned at TUMSAT.  In order to widely publicize the WISE program's achievements to date, the program will continue to hold several marine AI open seminars this year through presentations of results and student research case studies in collaboration with the Marine AI Consortium.

01 田上先生-1.JPG

 Department of Marine Technology, Logistics and Information Engineering  Associate Professor,Yuta TANOUE

02 宮本先生-2.JPG

 Department of Marine Life Science, Marine Biosciences Assistant Professor,Ryusuke MIYAMOTO

03 史学生.JPG

Program3:「A Study on Optimal Route Selection for Ship Weather Routing - Ship Operational Performance Modeling with AI」

Course of Applied Maritime Environmental Studies Doctoral course,SHI YOUMING

04 荒谷様.JPG


National Maritime Research Institute,
National Institute of Maritime, Port and Aviation Technology, Japan 


05 岩瀬学生-2.JPG

Program5:「Deep Learningによる海上風の高解像度化」Japan Weather Association

Course of Maritime Technology and Logistics Master's course,Kazuma IWASE 



Program Coordinator Masashi MAITA

Executive Director,Director of Marine AI Development and Evaluation Center (MAIDEC),

Professor, Department of Marine Biosciences