Realize students exchange at graduate level on the basis of the credit transfer system with quality assurance which is same level as credit transfer system recognized internationally (Bologna process)

  • Develop high-level professionals in the field of oceans
  • Promote stable university exchange among China, Japan and Korea

Collaborative Education Program in Marine Science and Technology,
Based on "China-Japan-Korea Version "(SHOU-TUMSAT-KMOU)of ERASMUS

Collaborative Education Program


Short-Term Program

Requirements - 4th year undergraduate students who wish to participate in IJP or DDP

Two weeks Summer School
  • Taking lectures in various fields (2 credits)
  • Company/ Research institution Visit
  • Team Presentation
  • International Joint Program

    Stay for one semester or more at Host university
    • Earn 6 credits or more
    • Carry out research
    • Long-term internship
    Obtain master's degree of Home university and course completion certificates
  • Dual Degree Program

    Stay for one academic year or more at Host university
    • Earn credits
    • Carry out research for a master's thesis
    Obtain master's degrees from each university

External Evaluations, etc.

External Evaluations by ECTS labeled Universities

This program has been established in cooperation with ECTS-labeled universities.

●February, 2016: Study meeting with Ege University
●March, 2019: External evaluation by Nord University
Evaluation result(External Examiner Report 2019
●February, 2020: External evaluation by Ege University
Evaluation result(External Examiner Report 2020