General Registration Procedures


  • 1. Please click to see courses offered in TUMSAT and detailed information on TUMSAT researchers.
  • 2. Please get in contact with OQEANOUS Coordinator in your home University and OQEANOUS Coordinators in TUMSAT about which courses will be relevant and recognized as a contribution to your own degree program.
  • 3. After you decide your future study plan at TUMSAT, please fill in OQEANOUS Application Form and OQEANOUS Learning Agreement.

    * Please leave signature parts blank at this moment.

    * Be sure to talk with your advisor about your participation in OQEANOUS Program before you apply. Also, if you are applying for DDP Program, making contact with your prospective advisor at TUMSAT from your advisor at your home university is necessary for your application in order to make sure if his or her laboratory is suitable for your study, and to be accepted in his or her laboratory. Discussion and cooperation on your study and your English thesis by both professors are very important. Thus, please ask your advisor at your home university to email to your prospective advisor at TUMSAT before you apply. You can find his or her contact address here.

  • 4.

    All the required forms as below need to be sent in two ways through the coordinators at your home university:


    • 1. Please send documents by e-mail to oqeanous-office(at)

      Please replace "at " with "@" in the above email address.

    • 2. Please send by mail to OQEANOUS Office address below:

    OQEANOUS Office
    Academic Support and International Division

    Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
    4-5-7 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8477, Japan

    After some adjustment between TUMSAT and your home university, the Learning Agreement should be signed by the student, your advisor and Institutional Coordinator who has the authority to approve the Learning Agreement to guarantee full recognition of this program on behalf of the responsible academic body. Without confirmation of the Learning Agreement, Acceptance Letter can not be issued. The original copy of your Learning Agreement will be kept at your home university.

  • 5. After the approval within TUMSAT, a letter of Acceptance will be issued for you. Acceptance letter will be sent by mail with Certificate of Eligibility, which is acquired in Japanese Regional Immigration Bureau by the TUMSAT OQEANOUS Coordinator, to the OQEANOUS Coordinator in your home University.
  • 6. Please inform TUMSAT-OQEANOUS Coordinator of your date of arrival as soon as you confirmed.
  • 7. Upon your arrival, please contact TUMSAT-OQEANOUS Coordinator as soon as possible for your administrative and registrative procedures. The student assistants will also help you with the practical matters.
  • 8. Student cards will be given to the student after arrival. Students must submit a photo stated in the application form to get a student card.
  • 9. During your study in TUMSAT, there can be some changes in your original Learning Agreement. In that case, you should fill in OQEANOUS Study Change Form which should be submitted to OQEANOUS Office. Then, OQEANOUS Office will send the document directly to your home university for their approval. In order to issue your Transcript of Records correctly and on time, changes to Learning Agreement are very important. The original copy of your OQEANOUS study change form will be kept at your home university.
  • 10. At the end of semester, an official copy of OQEANOUS Program Completion Report will be posted to International Office at your home university.