Cost of Living

Here are some approx. prices in Japanese Yen

  • Pack of rice (200g): 100 yen
  • A loaf of bread: 150-200 yen
  • A cup of coffee: 250-300 yen (at shop), 120 yen (at vending machine)
  • Bottled water (PET): 120 yen (500ml)
  • A liter of milk: 200 yen
  • Beer (350ml): 270 yen
  • Big Mac Set Menu: 680 yen
  • Coke: 130 yen
  • A kilo of sugar: 200 yen
  • A kilo of chicken meat: 800-1200 yen
  • A dozen of eggs: 200 yen
  • A kilo of beef meat: 2000- yen
  • A liter of petrol: 135 yen
  • Cinema ticket for students: 1500 yen
  • Meal at university cafeteria: 500 yen
  • Average restaurant meal: 1000-2000 yen


University cafeteria (Weekday: 11:00-14:00, Saturday and Sunday: Closed)

  • Set meal (combination meal): within 500yen
  • Ramen (noodle): 356-421 yen
  • Dandan noodles (cold): 432-496 yen
  • Ramen with hot-miso based soup: 356- yen
  • Soba noodles: 313-378 yen
  • Cold udon topped with salad: 410-475 yen
  • Udon: 313-378 yen
  • Large size Curry and rice topped with pork fillet cutlets: 496 yen

University shop (Weekday: 10-18, Saturday and Sunday: Closed)

Food (bento, sandwiches, onigiri etc.), drink, and basic daily goods are available. Vending machines are inside and outside building of university shop and cafeteria.

Around campus

Convenience store (Family Mart): 3 minutes' walk from main gate, 5 minutes' walk from back gate, and others on the way to Shinagawa station.


  • Maruetsu (Konan world city shop)

Fast Food Shop & Family Restaurant:

  • Kurazushi (Sushi): 800-1000 (lunch), 5minutes walk from Kita Shinagawa station
  • Subway (Sandwiches): 600yen, 3minutes walk from Tennozu Isle Station
  • Yumean (Japanese restaurant): 1500yen, 4minutes walk from Shinagawa station
  • MacDonald's (Shinagawa Intercity shop): Big Mac Set Menu 680yen, Value lunch combi set 400yen)
  • Gust (Family restaurant): 800yen (incl. free drink), 4minutes walk from Shinagawa station
  • Saizeriya (Family restaurant): 750yen (incl. free drink), 5minutes walk from campus.


  • Starbucks:

    Shinagawa Intercity.

  • Doutor:

    Left side in Konan exit.

  • Saint-Mark:

    2minutes from Tennnozu Isle station.

  • Wired café:

    5minutes from campus.

  • Virgin café:

    2minutes from Shinagawa station.

Drug store:

  • Tomod's (Shinagawa Intercity shop)

100yen shop:

  • Daiso (in Osaki, within 30minutes by foot and train)