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Notice on the Marine - AI Matching Week 2022 (Online )


WISE program will hold "Marine AI Matching Week 2022" in March this year as a collaborative event with the Marine AI Consortium, aiming to match the needs of Marine Industry and the seeds of program students.
 This is a great opportunity for students to get an idea of what their career path will be like after graduation. Doctoral student will also learn about the wide range of needs in the marine industry and the significance of their research as well as dispel any concerns they may have about their career path after they complete their program. We will inform you of the URL for registration as follows. We look forward to seeing many of you there.

【Date】March 6th 2023(Mon) ~ 10th(Fri)(JST)


【Regitration】URL(Japanese only) : https://www.g2.kaiyodai.ac.jp/matchingweek/

*Please proceed to " 「学生の方」(For Students) " and register as a user. (Please enter your ID number for entry.)

*Only those affiliated with the University can view this page.

【Contact information】

WISE Program Promotion Support Office



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