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Major Field

Logistics Engineering

LogisticsFor logistics, which is fundamental for our daily lives and economic activities and is developing due to globalization and informatization, targeting fields like transport, storage, logistics and processing, logistics information, and logistics management, we conduct research and education regarding plan and design, operation and management, devising strategies and policies, etc., for consistent transport systems combining air, land and sea transport, logistics systems from production to consumption, logistics information systems integrated with logistics, and overall logistic systems to promote economic efficiency and social utility.

Introduction of Major Fields

Contents of research

In this course, each field of engineering, informatics, science related to mathematics and physics, and social science, targeting physical logistics for transport and storage of commodities, cargo, etc., and commercial logistics of trading are researched. For example, theoretical and demonstrative research regarding traffic policies, industrial polices, etc., are researched in addition to research regarding optimization theory and mathematical solutions for planning transport, facility deployment, etc., and for managing stock and information, etc.

Instructional approach

The students master the latest planning and designing techniques regarding production and transport plans and facility deployment plans with case studies, and learn the relevant theories. Also, they learn the latest theories of economy and management through case studies in real societies including social demonstration experiments, as well as how to apply them to real societies.

Attractive points

Progress in informatization due to the IT revolution and economic globalization have brought dramatic structural changes in industries. Therefore, to establish advantages in international competitions, more and more companies have regarded logistics as a critical division, as well as production and sales. We are the only university in Japan where you can learn logistics systematically, so we have attracted attention from society.

Environmental Assessment Marine TransportationAn example of vehicle routing problem

Class Subjects

Advanced Transportation System Planning HYODO Tetsuro
Advanced Supply Chain Optimization KUBO Mikio
Physical Distribution Engineering KUROKAWA Hisayuki
Environmental Management on Intermodal Transportation WATANABE Yutaka
Perceptual Information Processing SHIMONO Koichi
Special Lecture on Industrial Structure NAKAGAWA Yuji
Industrial Organization and Policy in Transport Policy ENDO Nobuaki
Seminar on Transport Policy TERADA Kazushige
Advanced Applied Analysis TAKENAWA Tomoyuki
Advanced Mathematical Sciences KONNO Hitoshi
Advanced Algorithms for Logistics HASHIMOTO Hideki
Advanced Spatial Information Engineering WATANABE Daisuke
Advanced Industrial Organization OKUMURA Yasunori

Details of Research

Logistics System Engineering

Contents of research

Although our main research is about multimodal transport including sea, land and air transport, we cover other topics including economic optimization and efficiency, mathematical solutions that are the base of optimization theories, networking of logistics information, optimal deployment of facilities, as well as planning and design methods, operation and management and policies of logistics.

Instructional approach

The main focus is about shipping and delivery systems, information systems and facility deployment. The students master planning and design techniques of logistics systems through case studies, while learning the latest planning and design techniques and how to apply them to mathematical solutions and logistics information systems.

Attractive points

The industrial world regards logistics as a critical division, as well as production and sales, as economic globalization and informatization proceed. We are the only university in Japan where you can learn logistics systematically. In addition, you will master both theory and practice by cooperating with other fields like logistics business administration.

Logistics Management and Economics

Contents of research

For commercial logistics and international and domestic traffic mainly for cargo transport, theoretical and demonstrative research is conducted in terms of industrial organizations, industrial policies, business administration and marketing.

Instructional approach

We have introduced a method focusing on case studies as overseas MBA (Master of Business Administration) courses do to learn from actual cases, as well as make efforts to master the latest economic and management theories.

Attractive points

This field is under drastic structural change reflecting progress in informatization with IT revolution and economic globalization. Through acquiring knowledge that cannot be obtained from the logistics business administration of other universities, such as logistics engineering and maritime traffic practice, the students can understand actual logistics management from various aspects to contribute to the innovation of logistics management.