Course of Applied Environmental Studies

The Course of Applied Environmental Studies carries out education and research targeting to pioneer inter-disciplinary areas related to academic theories and technologies for elucidation, ,usage and conservation of the marine environment. For this purpose, we target to clarify the mechanisms in the fluctuations of marine environment, to observe and predict the advection and diffusion of materials, to create technologies for marine resource exploration, to understand the relationship between marine organisms and the environment, to establish safe and efficient sea-traffic and transport systems, to develop advanced propulsion systems, and to propose marine management policies. We aim to foster leaders with comprehensive abilities of human beings to coexist with the oceans.

Based on the viewpoint to know, protect and utilize the oceans, we seek students who are capable of solving problems by tackling advanced science and technologies with multifaceted views being related to marine environmental research, conservation and restoration, sea-transportation and logistics for ports, and the highly efficient use of energy.