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Maritime Safety Technology

About Maritime Safety Technology

Research and EducationSecuring safe and efficient maritime transport supports the world economy and the life of the people in Japan. Moreover, as the marine casualty brings not only losses of life and property but also the destruction of the marine environment, researches on securing safety marine transportation become important research topics. In this course, the research guidance for master students will be done in cooperation with researches executed in the National Maritime Research Institute. Followings are the topics of this course. Ship design, ship propulsion systems, ship operation support and application of new material to the marine vehicle.


Research Field
Course Title
Ship dynamics,
Ship performance at Actual Sea
•Maritime Transport and Ship Performance
•Exercise of Maritime Transport and Ship Performance
Propulsion System, Cavitation Erosion on Propellers,
Corrosion Protection, Engineering Materials, Surface Modification, Bonding and Welding
•Marine Safety and Propulsion System
•Seminar in Marine Safety and Propulsion System
Navigation support systems, Assessment of Marime Systems, Application of marine simulation and simulator •Marine Traffic System
•Seminar in Marine Traffic System
Antennas and Propagation, Radar Engineering, Electromagnetic Compatibility •Navigation Electronics
•Marine Telecommunication and Surveillance Technology
Air Traffic Management, probabilistic safety assessment, electronic navigation, Radar •Navigation Electronics
•Traffic Control Engineering
Satellite navigation including GPS application to air navigation. •Navigation Electronics
•Traffic Control Engineering
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