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Logistics Management and Economics

About Logistics Management and Economics

Research and Education In relation to physical distribution activity of marine business, port, land transportation, air transportation; warehouse, and so on, the education and research which is enough to perform a positive and norm-analysis and policy proposal in commercial distribution generally are concerned with the problems of distribution economy, distribution industry, transport economy, trade and related areas in Japan from viewpoint, such as management organization, industrial organization, industrial structure, and industrial policies. International and practical education and research based on the actual condition of the economy whilst in the process of globalization are also discussed.


Research Field
Course Title
  •Distribution industry theory
English Literature, Sea Literature •Current Issues and Their Implications
Transport Policies? Urban Transport? Port Economics? Maritime Economics? Public Economics Planning of Municipal Community Bus Operations? Local Transport Plans? Transport Project Feasibility Studies and Cost-benefit Analysis? Transport Demand Forecasting? UK Transport Policy •Transport Policy
•Seminar in Transport Policy
Cooperative behavior and multilateral alliance in transport services, Empirical analysis on airline deregulation effect, Comparative study on new entry and low cost carriers, Management reform and privatization in airport, International trade and investment in services sectors • Transport Economics and management
•Seminar in Transport Economics and management
•International transport theory
•Distribution Economy
•Seminar on the Distribution Economy
  •Lecture on the Industrial Structure
•Seminar on the Distribution Economy
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