Web Seminar

Seminar for graduate school students regarding the protection and prevention of
infringement of rights related to the publication of doctoral thesis

Since 2013, doctoral theses must be published online through internet, and a general public can view your published works without restriction on the internet. Meanwhile, there is also a risk that the author’s technique and idea are infringed.
For this reason, it is necessary to ensure the prevention of infringement and the protection of intellectual property rights more than ever.
In this web seminar, you can learn literacy for writing a doctoral thesis based on your research work.
A participant must take three web seminars as below, and must submit to the office in charge a Lecture Sheet with the approval of the main academic advisor after this web seminar.
Please also check the Information security self-check sheet, and submit it to the office in charge.

Seminar 1

Dealing with inventions and copyrights This lesson covers inventions and copyright.

Seminar 2

Regarding Publication of Doctoral Thesis by the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology Repository (TUMSAT-OACIS)

Seminar 3

knowledge of Information security