Efforts towards the Expansion of the OQEANOUS Project

news 2020.02.13

  At Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, we are expanding our public relations activities for the credit transfer system and student exchange program we have developed through the OQEANOUS project. As part of these activities, on January 10, 2020, Prof. Hirono and three other administrative staff members from our university visited Pusan National University (Korea). On the day, Prof. Cheong Jae Hun (Department of Molecular Biology) and Kyeong Lee Park, an assistant manager in charge of International Exchange and two other members were present.

  Prof. Hirono gave an overview of our school and explained the progress of this project. There was a lively question-and-answer session regarding the DDP (Dual Degree Program) and the programs currently being implemented at our school. It was a very meaningful visit for future development.


  Similarly, on February 11, 2020, Prof. Osako and three other administrative staff visited Can Tho University (Vietnam). Prof. Dr. Tran Ngoc Hai, Vice Dean of College of Aquaculture and Fisheries, Assoc. Prof. Vu Ngoc Ut and two other members attended.

  Prof. Osako explained the outline of our school and the progress of this project. A question-and-answer session regarding our facilities and the short Term Program (STP) was provided, and there was an active exchange of opinions. The event turned out to be a fulfilling occasion for exchanging information toward the expansion of the OQEANOUS project.