The 3rd OQEANOUS summer school was held at the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, with five students attending from our university.

news 2019.07.26

As part of the international collaboration education program on marine science based on the Japan-Korea-China Version of Erasmus" (known as "OQEANOUS"*), the 3rd OQEANOUS summer school was held at the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology from July 9 to 21, 2019, attended by a total of 25 students from Japan, China, and Korea. This program was adopted as the FY 2016 MEXT Inter-University Exchange Project (Re-Inventing Japan Project)". This is a project where Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology works together with Shanghai Ocean University (China) and Korea Maritime and Ocean University (Korea) with an aim to build the credit transfer system along with assuring the quality of the three universities and the student exchange.

From the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, a total of five students attended the summer school: one 4th year student from the School of Marine Science aiming to enter the master's course; one 4th year student from the School of Marine Technology; and three students in the master's course from the Graduate School of Marine Science and Technology.

The students attending from Japan, China, and Korea were divided into mixed groups, receiving various lectures from the three universities' staff, and gave team presentations at the end of the summer school. 12 professors from the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology (Prof. Akio Okayasu, Prof. Yayoi Oshima, Prof. Kazufumi Osako, Prof. Etsuro Shimizu, Prof. Vesselin Dekov, Assoc. Prof. Mitsuhiro Masuda, Assoc. Prof. Junichiro Tahara, Assoc. Prof. Daisuke Watanabe, Assoc. Prof. Tomomi Nabatame, Assistant Prof. Fusako Owari, Assistant Prof. Goshi Kato, Assistant Prof. Haiyun Wu), four professors from the Korea Maritime and Ocean University (Prof. Sunghwoan Cho, Prof. Jinsoon Park, Prof. Kideok Do, Assistant Prof. Inho Yang), and two professors from Shanghai Ocean University (Prof. Liqun Lyu, Lecturer. Lingqiao Cheng) attended as the instructors to give lectures on various fields in English. Other activities included a visit to IDEA Consultants, Inc. and Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC). Lastly, an international exchange event was held by our university's international exchange circle at the Field Science Center, Tateyama station that is our education and research facility.

All of the student teams cooperatively worked together and prepared for the team presentations, and all members completed the presentation without any problem. Among them, the best presenter team was awarded a commendation. The students from the three countries discussed themes on marine-related issues and cooperatively worked together to prepare for the presentation, while spending their days together in the summer school. They said that the program was a very substantial one.

Lectures at the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center


Prof. Vesselin Dekov "Seafloor Mineral Resources"


Prof. Akio Okayasu "Storm Surges, History and Latest Technologies"

大島先生.JPGのサムネイル画像Prof. Yayoi Oshima "Activities on Japanese Language and Culture"

Prof.Sunghwoan Cho.pngProf. Sunghwoan Cho "Development of Alternative Sources for Fish Meal and Macroalgae in Aquafeed"

Prof.Jinsoon Park.pngProf. Jinsoon Park "Marine Biodiversity"

Prof.Kideok Do.jpgProf. Kideok Do "Numerical Modeling of Sediment Transport in the Coastal Area"

Assistant Prof.Inho Yang.pngAssistant Prof. Inho Yang "Marine Natural Products Study from A Interesting Microbes"


Assistant Prof. Fusako Owari "What is Ocean Drilling?"

大迫先生.JPGのサムネイル画像Prof. Kazufumi Osako "Seafood Processing in Japan"

Lectures, etc. at IDEA Consultants, Inc

いであ講義1 (2).JPGのサムネイル画像Obara Senior General Manager, Business Development Group "For reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake"

いであ講義2.JPGのサムネイル画像Otsubo Natural Environment Conservation Manager "Environment monitoring"

いであ研究室見学.JPGのサムネイル画像Visit to the scientific analysis laboratory

株式会社IDEAにて.JPGのサムネイル画像Group picture of attendants

質疑応答 いであ株式会社.JPGのサムネイル画像Q & A session

Etchujima campus

田原先生研究室見学.JPGのサムネイル画像Visit to Tahara laboratory

明治丸.JPGのサムネイル画像In front of Meijimaru, an important cultural asset

清水先生.JPGのサムネイル画像Prof. Etsuro Shimizu "Navigation at Arctic Sea & Northern Sea Route"

At the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC)


Marine Science Museum


"Urashima" a deep sea observing vehicle


Group awarded as Best Presenter

Right: Prof. Yoon Sik Kim, Dean of Graduate School (Korea Maritime and Ocean University)

Left: Prof. Liqun Lyu (Shanghai Ocean University)

Visit to the Tateyama Station facility, etc.

館山ステーション施設見学.JPGのサムネイル画像Visit to the Tateyama Station facility


International exchange events at Tateyama Station