Seventeen students from TUMSAT participated in the second OQEANOUS Summer School held at KMOU

news 2018.08.28

TUMSAT was chosen for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's Inter-University Exchange Program during the 2016 academic year. It is participating in the Overseas Quality-Assured Education in Asian Nations for Ocean University Students (OQEANOUS) program based on a Japan-China-Korea version of ERASMUS, and it is working with Shanghai Ocean University (China) and Korea Maritime and Ocean University, to construct a quality-assured credit exchange system and dispatch students to each other's universities. As part of this program, from July 18 to 31, 2018, the second OQEANOUS Summer School was held at Korea Maritime and Ocean University with 34 students participating from Japan, China, and South Korea.

A total of 17 TUMSAT students were in attendance: four fourth-year School of Marine Science students aiming to go onto a master's program, four fourth-year students from the Faculty of Marine Technology, and nine master's degree students from the Graduate School of Marine Science and Technology.

The participating students chose one of eight themes (greenhouse gas reduction, typhoons and tropical cyclones, seashore community disaster prevention, ocean and climate change, offshore windmills, marine ecosystem preservation, sedimentation dynamics, marine organism resources), and they attended a variety of lectures taught by the faculty of the three universities and gave team presentations at the end of the school. Of TUMSAT faculty members, Professor Tsuyoshi Ikeya offered a lecture on marine alternative energy, Professor Akio Okayasu lectured on the history of hide-tide countermeasures and new related technologies, and Associate Professor Daisuke Watanabe lectured on Geographic Information Systems in Maritime Transportation.

Additionally, the participating students also offered their impressions such as "It was really great that I was able to communicate and interact so much with students and teachers from a variety of backgrounds," "I took a variety of classes and through discussions I was able to connect with various people, which led to my own growth," and "Through the program, I became interested in other fields."