"Monitoring Plus" on-site visit survey of the MEXT 2016 Inter-University Exchange Project, Collaborative International Education Program in Marine Science and Technology based on the China-Japan-Korea Version of Erasmus (the OQEANOUS program)

news 2018.12.21

Collaborative International Education Program in Marine Science and Technology, Based on the Japan-China-Korea Version of Erasmus (commonly known as "OQEANOUS" *), as part of the monitoring activities conducted by the Japan-China-Korea Quality Assurance Council**, received a field visit survey by members of the Campus-Asia Joint Monitoring Subcommittee at Shanghai Ocean University on December 11, 2018.

The survey is part of what is called "Monitoring Plus," within the concept of Campus-Asia, and it is implemented for programs (for Japan, the nine programs adopted in the 2016 Inter-University Exchange Project) adopted through joint review by the governments of three countries--Japan, China, and South Korea--for the purpose of the following three points:

・Striving for quality assurance in international educational programs

・Generating good practices in terms of education quality and disseminating these widely both within our countries and overseas

・Preparing joint guidelines for the quality assurance of education with international partnerships for the quality assurance institutions of Japan, China, and South Korea

Committee members of the Campus-Asia Joint Monitoring Sub-Committee conduct the above based on the self-assessment surveys written in English by the project organizers and the results of the local visit survey. The committee comprises of experienced individuals, experts, and individuals connected with quality assurance agencies from Japan, China, and Korea with knowledge of the internationalization of higher education and international cooperative education programs.

On this occasion, the members of the Campus-Asia Joint Monitoring Committee were: Shiming Fan, Deputy Director, Beijing University International Relations Institute; Yan Luo, Associate Professor of the Institute of Education, Tsinghua University; Ping Yan, Associate Professor, Renmin University of China; and Shuo Wang, Manager of the Higher Education Evaluation Center of the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. The committee members, along with two observers from other quality assurance institutions in Japan, visited Shanghai Ocean University. In addition, the following individuals from agencies responsible for this project also participated: Vice President (International Affairs), who is the person responsible for promoting this project from this university; Masashi Maita, Deputy Dean of Graduate School of Marine Science and Technology, and two other staff from the university; Professor Huh Cheol from Korea Maritime and Ocean University; from Shanghai Ocean University: President Yudong Cheng, Vice President Jiale Li, Graduate School Dean Xichang Wang, International Exchange Director Junsheng Zhong, Finance Director Xianyi Wang, and 14 other faculty members.

 In the field visit survey, first, after the opening statements and introduction of collaboration between the universities to date by President Yudong Cheng of Shanghai Ocean University, the Graduate School Dean Xichang Wang explained the program contents of the project. Besides this, the members of the committee conducted an inspection of international student-related facilities and foreign student dormitories, and interviewed the project managers of the three universities, related faculty members, and students participating in the program.

 From the committee members, we received appreciative comments on the planning and implementation effects of this project, along with a range of advice to improve the program in the future, including how we should further strengthen our support for students and academic advisors, who participate in this program, and communication of the content of this program to students, faculty and staff within each university.

* OQEANOUS =(Pronounced "Oceanus") Is an abbreviation of "Oversea Quality-assured Education in Asian Nations for Ocean University Students." Oceanus is a god of the sea in Greek mythology.

** From March 2010, the Japan-China-Korea Quality Assurance Council consists of the following quality assurance organizations from the three countries: National Institution for Academic Degrees (Currently, the National Institution for Academic Degrees and Quality Enhancement of Higher Education); China - Higher Education Evaluation Center of the Ministry of Education; South Korea - the Korean Council for University Education.

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1. Monitoring in progress       

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2. Director Tokai exchanges opinions with committee members

★3 Professor Interview2.JPG

3. Interviews with faculty members of Shanghai Ocean University     

★4 Student Interview.JPG

4. Interviews with students participating in OQEANOUS