"International Collaborative Symposium on Marine Science and Technology" Held in Busan, Korea (2017/08/24)

news 2017.09.27

On August 24th, 2017, TUMSAT held an International Collaborative Symposium on Marine Science and Technology with Korean partner institutions at Korea Maritime and Ocean University (KMOU, one of the TUMSAT's partner institutions). Taking the occasion of port call by Shinyo-Maru to Busan (at the peer of KMOU), the symposium was held for the purpose of deepening the international interaction between TUMSAT and Korean institutions as well as promoting interaction among Korean institutions. There were 59 participants from 11 institutions including TUMSAT. After the opening remarks from Dr. Toshio Takeuchi, President of TUMSAT and Dr. Han-il Park, President of KMOU (as Co-host), presentations about each institutions and OQEANOUS Program*1 followed.

After the symposium, a reception was held at a hotel in Busan. With additional participation of TUMSAT Alumni, the participants enjoyed the opportunity. There were also addresses from TUMSAT students who visited KMOU at the same period as a part of OQEANOUS Program.

Participating Institutions

Country The Name of the Institution
Korea Korea Maritime and Ocean University (OQEANOUS member institution) Chonnam National University Korea Maritime Institution Kangwon National University Mokpo National Maritime University Pukyong National University Pusan National University Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (Potential Partner) National Institute of Fisheries Science(Potential Partner)
China Shanghai Ocean University (OQEANOUS member institution / TUMSAT partner institution)
Japan Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology

* OQEANOUS stands for Oversea Quality-assured Education in Asian Nations for Ocean University Students; Oceanus being a sea god in Greek myth