The FY 2016 MEXT Inter-University Exchange Project : the OQEANOUS Roundtable Symposium was held

news 2017.09.26

On July 5th, OQEANOUS Roundtable Symposium was held at Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology (TUMSAT), with the following attendees from the three member universities: Dean of Graduate School, Prof. Iseki, Vice Dean, Prof. Maita, and other 27 faculty members (TUMSAT); Prof. Kim Dong-Hyeog, Dean of Graduate school and other 23 faculty members in Korea Maritime and Ocean University (KMOU); and Prof. Gao JIAN and other 6 faculty members in Shanghai Ocean University (SHOU).

This symposium was convened in order to understand educational and research concern between faculty members in each university and to lead smoother dispatch of students in OQEANOUS program for the future.

In the beginning, representative of each university introduced their university. After that, the people were divided into 5 groups and discussed each member's research topic, etc. Also, the participants exchanged their opinions on the way of exchange and agenda in OQEANOUS program. All participants shared a productive time.

ROUNDTABLE SYMPOSIUM is again scheduled to be held on 24 August at KMOU.


The participants were divided into small groups along their research areas and exchanged their opinions lively.


* OQEANOUS stands for Oversea Quality-assured Education in Asian Nations for Ocean University Students; Oceanus being a sea god in Greek myth