The FY2016 MEXT Inter-University Exchange Project : The 4th OQEANOUS Meeting and Signing ceremony was held

news 2017.06.09

On June 2nd, the 4th OQEANOUS* Committee Meeting was held at Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology (TUMSAT). Executive Director & Vice President Prof. Tokai, Vice Dean Prof. Maita, Prof. Okayasu, and Prof. Hu attended it with members of Shanghai Ocean University (SHOU) and Korea Maritime and Ocean University (KMOU).

The meeting was convened in order to discuss the operation of the international collaboration education program on marine science based on the China-Japan-Korea Version of Erasmus (renamed as OQEANOUS*) which was adopted by MEXT's Inter-University Exchange Project in FY2016. The committee has already been held three times including the first meeting that took place here in January this year.

At the 4th meeting, the final agreement on the credit transfer system guideline was concluded, and the concrete implementation of the program such as the forms of the learning agreement and the schedule of the summer school were discussed. In addition, opinions related to the quality assurance of education were exchanged.

On the previous day, June 1st, 2017, the signing Ceremony of the Agreement on Students and Credit Exchange among TUMSAT, SHOU and KMOU, and the Double Degree Agreement between TUMSAT and KMOU was held here. The two agreements were signed by Prof. WANG Xichang, Dean of Graduate School(SHOU), Prof. KIM Dong-Hyeog, Dean of Graduate school(KMOU) and Prof. Iseki, Dean of Graduate School(TUMSAT) in the presence of Vice Dean Prof. Maita Prof. Watanabe and other members of Shanghai Ocean University (SHOU) and Korea Maritime and Ocean University (KMOU).

.The 5th OQEANOUS Meeting is scheduled to be held at KMOU at the end of next October.


* OQEANOUS stands for Oversea Quality-assured Education in Asian Nations for Ocean University Students; Oceanus being a sea god in Greek myth