OQEANOUS-STP experience(2019)2

Short Term Program 2019.10.23

Name : Yuki Ishii (B4)

School : TUMSAT

Date : 2019/7/9-2019/7/21


  I took 18 special lectures rerated to Ocean like Science , engineering , environment.

  I was so exciting because I had never token lectures about Marine Science ,Marine Bioscience,chemistry, Seafloor mineral resources , Coastal area that Ocean specialized field.

  My major is Marine Electronics and Mechanical Engineering so I did not know at all except my major the first. But after lectures I had some basic knowledge and was able to listen English. I think each country's English is different. I found aech English has characteristic and so pronunciation is important to understand English.

  I hava a longing clear and fluent English. Speaking clearly is important to tell other people.

  So if I concern with my English , I speak English clearly even if it is difficult.


  I think field trip day was so exciting day for students of KMOU and SHOU in summer school. They think Tokyo subway is so complexity . So they wanted us to lead where they wanted to go. They asked me they want to go and some question about Tokyo sightseeing from a few days ago. That day our team went to JIBURI Store at Sky tree town and Asakusa. I was surprised Japanese animation such as JIBURI is well known around Chinese and Korea. We ate lunch at food court and each chosen what wanted to eat. I think food court is suitable to enjoy Japanese soul food for foreign students. Because we can eat and share various food easly.

3.Final Presentation

  Our team consists of 5 students a TUMSAT student , two KMOU students and two SHOU students. The first when we decided our team theme , I felt the difference with Japan. They told us their intention clearly , for example "I don't want do contents unrelated my major " this was impressive and same times that discussion was far away from my experience. I think I should follow their attitude , telling clearly opinions , how I feel and thinking. And discussing is important on the team working until everyone agree .

  But I found my English skill insufficient to discuss enough , especially my pronunciation is so difficult to others and took many times to understand. I regret focus on reading and listening English. Through discussion , I keep in mind to speak English pronunciation.

  I didn't know pronunciation is so important ,real English communication was so good opportunity .


  First, abut leadership , I got on with the role of a team leader. I think my team member helped me in many times. I think my team was able to resolve issues related to the oceans in their own fields as well as in collaboration with other fields and we could bring such projects to fruition and engage in research even within limited environments. And Ithink I did was listening to their opinions and put together our team opinion. So what I want to say is telling my opinions and listening other opinions and putting together team opinions agreed by all of members is the most important things in team activities. And last important things when a team break up is every member say thank you for everyone. Telling "Thank you" is the most important because a team consists of some people it means that not only one people. And keeping smile is important I think.

  Two weeks was so exciting for me because opportunity involved other country's students made me grown in many sides.