OQEANOUS-STP experience(2019)3

Short Term Program 2019.10.23


  From July 9th to July 22nd, I participated in the two-week Asian summer exchange program. About 30 students from China, Japan and South Korea studied together for two weeks. In these two weeks, we not only learned professional knowledge, but also went to Japanese related enterprises, museums, scientific research base of Tokyo ocean university and sea base to study, visit, understand and experience local life. During the summer vacation, I had a lot of feelings and gained a lot. I gained knowledge, moved by the harvest, and gained friendship. I also experienced the sadness of leaving.

  On the morning of July 9th, under the guidance of dean he, we set foot on a trip to Japan. We came to Japan with a vision. This was my first experience abroad. In the afternoon, we came to the national youth exchange home, where students and teachers from the three countries sat together. The teachers introduced themselves affectionately, and the students communicated warmly, narrowing the distance between each other. The evening was a welcome party organized by Tokyo ocean university, during which teachers and students communicated with each other warmly. When we met for the first time, we were not familiar with each other at the beginning, but we got to know each other step by step and established a deep friendship. Here, I would like to briefly introduce my two weeks' feelings from several aspects.

A study trip

  Since July 10, we started the journey to learn, every day every day have a teacher to teach us, they teach us their professional knowledge, open our originally narrow circle of knowledge, we three students from different grades, different professional, someone will always know or don't know a professional, but the teachers always distinguished as we open the doors of the "new world", will be for us after class, China has the words of the old saying "professional knowledge to reassure also", teachers patience for us, even if we ask the question very naive. From the three countries, three different professional school for our class, the teacher took us to understand the ocean drilling, biological, food, environment, agriculture, fisheries, Marine resources, Marine flotsam, numerical simulation, the natural disaster such as earthquake, tsunami, and traditional Japanese culture, China, Japan and South Korea three countries of the aspects of the language. Through the vivid PPT for us to explain, students listen carefully, after class q & a atmosphere active. For some students with different majors, the teachers will take care of the students' feelings and explain them carefully and patiently for the convenience of students' understanding. Over the next few days we have a class, also went to Japan and Tokyo Marine university, a well-known enterprises in Japanese companies, we not only learn the professional knowledge, also visited their testing laboratory, in there, I realized some once upon a time no contact with instruments, to understand the working principle of some instruments, learning some knowledge on water treatment and detection, etc. One of the most memorable was the lunch that day. It was delicious. The day I went to Tokyo ocean university was an Open Day. Many students came to the school to visit museums, laboratories and so on. Each laboratory displays its research content in the form of exhibition board and newspaper, and explains and communicates with each student who comes to the laboratory, so that students can choose the major and research direction they are interested in after the college entrance examination on the basis of understanding the experimental research direction. Doing so is not only beneficial to students themselves, but also to the development of research.

The journey of life

  During this trip to Japan, we not only learned and communicated, but also experienced the Japanese way of life.

  Our first stop was the home of the national youth exchanges, have special meeting lecture class, there are also special accommodations, such as convenience store also has a public bathroom, where the accommodation environment should keep clean and tidy, and clear the sleep time and wake up time, can be a independent consciousness, develop good habits, where we can see many children and many foreign friends from other countries, they are also learning to communicate. On the second day of my visit to Japan, a group of Chinese students went to shibuya, a nearby city. When you go to a restaurant, the waiter will tell you in all seriousness what kind of sauce each dish should be dipped in. When shopping in the mall, the shopping assistant will kindly find what you need and so on, which makes me feel very grateful and comfortable. In Japan, what impresses me most is that people always take the stairs on the left and leave space on the right for those who are in a hurry. However, this phenomenon is extremely rare in China. In Japan, cars walk on the left, and people here really do this, even if you accidentally run a red light or go to the intersection without traffic lights, it doesn't matter, the car will stop and let you go first, which is very reassuring. In addition, on the roadside, we can see a lot of exquisite small houses. Although the houses are not as big as those in China, they are exquisite and beautiful. The roads are narrow but not congested; On the road to see the most is puppy, listen to the teachers said that Japanese people like to raise dogs, dogs are particularly cute. In Japan, what I eat most is fixed food, different kinds of food every day, enjoying different delicious food. Occasionally, I also enjoyed instant noodles. In Japan, instant noodles have a lot of seasoning, but the amount of noodles is a little small, which is not enough for people like me who eat a lot. However, I always buy some extra bread and biscuits to satisfy my hunger.

  Class, we ushered in a Japanese group, led by allocation of good Japanese students before we visit Japan, considered people much more interesting and the distribution of the men and women than column we are one of the two groups together, our group leader kumagai takuya and another tutor also arrange the day for us, each to a place, they will be patient for us, very friendly, they took us to taste the food in Japan, with our experience of the Japanese culture, very happy, very happy. When we first came to Japan, it was cloudy, and then it was rainy. On the day we went to the scientific research base of ocean university in Tokyo, the sun came out. There, we saw the blue sky and the sea, and fixed the beautiful scenery with our mobile phones.

  At the end of the summer campus tour when we came to the university of Tokyo Marine sea base, this is a remote and quiet place, where we play games, experience the Japanese culture, we go to the beach collecting shells, we see a shark, see the grass, the sea was still think it's the east China sea, connecting Shanghai lin gang with a piece of the sea, see different feelings in different places, it is a pity I didn't finish see the sunrise, main is too lazy, don't come to bed. In the base, every day the teacher prepared three meals for us, each meal has different characteristics is very wonderful, the teacher takes care of our feelings, careful consideration for us.

  Our last stop came to the museum of nature in Japan. We saw many kinds of sea creatures, such as sea urchins and shells. It was the first time I saw sea urchins eating kelp. That evening we first bid farewell to our lovely Japanese classmates who had been with us for two weeks. The next morning, my friends from South Korea also set foot on their journey back to China, and my friends from China became the last one to see them off. It is hard to avoid feeling a little sad. In all my feelings, the most fortunate thing is to meet each other, the least favorite thing is to leave, and the most expected thing is to meet again. I hope to meet you again in the future.

A word of thanks

  There were 10 students in the Chinese group, and we came from different colleges. Although we didn't know each other at the beginning, the two weeks' getting along made our friendship closer. In addition to my Chinese friends, I also met my Korean and Japanese friends, including my graduate students and undergraduate students. They are lovely, young and energetic. Thank you for joining us in this happy study tour in Japan.

  From our arrival in Japan, the first person to receive us at the airport was Mr. Shen, who was very kind and small. Finally, Mr. Shen saw us off at the airport. Two weeks road with us and teacher Ann, Mr Wu and so on, forgive me for not calling some teachers' names, but their appearance printed in my mind .Ms an and Ms shen are proficient in Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean. Mr Wu is proficient in Chinese, English and Japanese, they are our entire journey of translator, good big brother big sister, give us enough exotic home security, in addition also want to thank the entire journey I met with each teacher, every student, every stranger, thanks to meet, thanks for help, thank you to accompany, thanks for understanding, words, into a "thank you".

  Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to the school for giving us the opportunity to study abroad. I have seen a lot of things that I have never seen in China. I have learned knowledge, understood culture, increased my knowledge, broadened my horizon, gained friendship, and been touched. If there is still an opportunity, I will seize it. Every journey is a way to improve myself. Every encounter is a wonderful journey of life.