OQEANOUS-IJP experience report 3 (2019)

International Joint Program 2019.10.23

by SHOU_CONG Jiaojiao

The notion of "Food is the paramount necessity of people" is the most important and essential idea in Chinese civilization, So I can see that food occupies an important strategic position for a country and even the whole world.

As we all know, the food field of Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology is very famous. There are many outstanding professors who are committed to researching food in TUMSAT. I want to learn the cutting-edge things in the Japanese food industry. I want to learn more in Japan and combine what I learned in China to contribute to the evaluation of nutrition and quality of food. So I enrolled OQEANOUS Program.

Of course, I have encountered many challenges at TUMSAT. At first, I couldn't speak Japanese, and I couldn't speak English very well. I was worried when I talked with professors and foreign students.

My supervisor, my tutor and laboratory members are very friendly, there are also many Chinese people there, so during IJP, I had almost no difficulty.

During IJP, I learned a lot of knowledge. I learned the basic Japanese communication and improved my English. I have learned knowledge of food major about food processing, nutrition and health. I also learned how to make surimi gel and some experimental operations in the food processing laboratory. I feel that I have gained a lot.

I feel that the advantages of joining IJP are far more than the disadvantages. I broadened my horizons, learned a lot of things that I couldn't learn in China. The disadvantage is that as a graduate student, the progress of my research topic in my university will be delayed. But it doesn't matter. It is not a problem to try hard to do experiments after returning back.

During IJP, I also traveled in Japan during the holidays. I went to Hokkaido, Osaka, Kyoto and Nara. I fell in love with these places. I am very eager to return to Tokyo to live and study for a while after graduation. I plan to experience Japanese cultures and Japanese food industry more.

The overall feeling that the programme enriched my life. I am very grateful for giving me the opportunity to come to TUMSAT. It also gave me the opportunity to participate in international symposium in English and participate in lab seminar.

I would highly recommend OQEANOUS Program, I describe it as if you have the opportunity to go, then you must experience it, this will be a treasure of your life. You will benefit for life!

These are some photos of my experiences during ijp.