OQEANOUS-STP experience(2019)1

Short Term Program 2019.10.23

Subject: 2019 CAMPUS Asia OQEANOUS Summer School experience

Location: TUMSAT in Tokyo, Japan.

Period: 07.09.19-07.22.19

Name: Na Eun

Purpose of joining this program: Universities representing maritime education in three countries are to share and exchange programs.

Contents of activity:


  It was great opportunity to meet and share each other's knowledge about majors with students from another country. At first, we had a serious Verbal barriers but we soon realized that it doesn't matter. These pictures are captured in JAMSTEC, which was the most interesting laboratory in my life. We can literally felt the water pressure. Also we saw some science equipment related to deep sea. If I did not participate in this program, I would not have been able to experience it. I wish someday I would like to work here.

  Also listening special lectures about various scientific filed or professor's experiences were interesting. They really widen my scientific view and I thought it would be an honor to work with these professors later. Actually I felt so interesting about shipbuilding and ocean architecture kind of majors because I have never thought about or learn. I realized that I have been trapped in my major.

  And we did team project about ocean problems. Sharing major knowledge and cultural difference with other countries students were not easy at first. But soon more we get closer more we realize that we east Asians have lots of common points. So in the end, I was happy to meet them. Also each team members have different major. So It was nice to talk about it. It was sorry that we couldn't get a prize, but it was worthy.


  And I really enjoyed filed trip day because TUMSAT tutor students were so friendly. This beyond picture is captured in Asakusa. We can learn about Japanese temple culture and saw many street foods in japan. this was the chance to get closer with our team members.

  I really like the TUMSAT campus tour too. It was nice to saw many trendy equipment like picture beside. And also we met exchange student from KMOU. Glad to feel the connection between universities.

  Time flies fast at Tokyo. I was happy to joining this program. Every tutor, teacher, professor were so nice to us. Especially teachers were really cared about us. They helped us a lot. And I got a lots of scientific information through this program. It truly helped me about my research direction as a young scientist. I wish I could meet these students, teachers and professor someday. And I will recommend this program to another students who want study abroad.