The FY 2016 MEXT Inter-University Exchange Project : Implementation of the OQEANOUS Short-Term Visit Program

news 2018.11.29

The FY 2016 MEXT Inter-University Exchange Project : Implementation of the OQEANOUS Short-Term Visit Program

 During November 29-30, 2018, Prof. HUANG Shuolin (Director of Marine Science Research) visited the university with 9 students and faculty staff from Shanghai Ocean University to participate in the OQEANOUS Short-Term Visit Program.

 This program is implemented every year as a short-term mutual exchange between this university, Shanghai Ocean University, and the Korea Maritime and Ocean University. The program was developed to facilitate participation in the International Joint Program: International Cooperative Education Program in the Marine Sciences (IJP) and Double Degree Program (DDP) of the "Collaborative Education Program in Marine Science and Technology based on the 'Japan-China-Korea Version of Erasmus'" (commonly known as "OQEANOUS"*) adopted as part of the MEXT "Inter-University Exchange Project."

 In this latest Short-Term Visit Program, the first day started with orientation, which was followed by a tour of the university facilities (the library and Museum of Marine Science). Participating students were then divided into groups on the basis of their field of study, and they visited the laboratories of Professor Noboru SAKAI (Food Production Science Division), Associate Professor Kenji YOKOTA (Department of Marine Biological Resources), and Professor Akio OKAYASU (Department of Marine Resources and Energy). Thereafter, participants visited the MEXT Information Center. On the second day, after participants visited the laboratories of Assistant Professor Masato ENDO (Department of Marine Biological Resources) and Professor HU Fuxiang (Department of Marine Biological Resources), they participated in a Japanese-language lecture delivered by Professor Yayoi OSHIMA (Department of Ocean Policy and Culture).

 It was a valuable opportunity for participating students to engage with the educational research at Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology.

*OQEANOUS (Pronounced "Oceanus") = Abbreviation of "Oversea Quality-assured Education in Asian Nations for Ocean University Students." Oceanus is a god of the sea in Greek mythology.




At the library

★水産資料館(セミクジラ).JPGAt the Museum of Marine Science

★酒井先生.JPGLab Visit 1 (Professor Noboru SAKAI)

★横田先生.JPGLab Visit 2 (Associate Professor Kenji YOKOTA)

★IMG_2097.JPGLab Visit 3 (Professor Akio OKAYASU)

★文部科学省情報ひろば.JPGAt the MEXT Information Center

★IMG_2122.JPGLab Visit 4 (Assistant Professor Masato ENDO)

★IMG_8630.JPGLab Visit 5 (Professor HU Fuxiang) 

★IMG_8635.JPGJapanese Lecture by Professor Yayoi OSHIMA

★上海1日目昼食.jpgAt the Lunch Meeting

★IMG_2074.JPGGroup Photo (by the Un'youmaru)