KMOU and TUMSAT Organize a Joint Graduate Academic Forum

news 2018.01.23

On January 15, 2018, as part of a student exchange and education program between Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology (TUMSAT) and Korea Maritime and Ocean University (KMOU), which runs the Oversea Quality-Assured Education in Asian Nations for Ocean University Students (OQEANOUS) Program, a jointly organized forum was held at TUMSAT in order to promote academic exchanges among graduate students pursuing master's and doctoral degrees.

Six professors from TUMSAT, including Vice-President TŌKAI Tadashi (Executive Director for International Affairs); Prof. ISEKI Toshio, the Dean of Graduate School of Marine Science and Technology; and Prof. MAITA Masashi, the Assistant Dean of Graduate School of Marine Science and Technology, as well as seven professors from KMOU, including Prof. KIM Dong-Hyeog and Prof. HUH Cheol participated in the forum. Fifteen KMOU graduate students and seven TUMSAT graduate students were divided into morning and afternoon groups according to their respective fields of interest; they delivered presentations on their research at Etchujima Campus in the morning and Shinagawa Campus in the afternoon. In total, 84 participants from two campuses contributed to lively question and answer session following each of the presentations.

Moreover, in association with the forum, OQEANOUS Program information session was held at both the campuses in order to introduce KMOU and its partner institution Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology (KIOST) and to give an overview of the project and explain future recruitment; the participating students devoted careful attention to this session.

In addition to deepening the exchange between TUMSAT and KMOU, the forum and the information session on OQEANOUS were meaningful for the participating students and professors, who were able to experience the globalization of the educational environment being promoted by our university.


Opening remarks by Prof. KIM Dong-Hyeog


Opening remarks by Prof. ISEKI


Group Photo at Centennial Museum (Etchujima Campus)

学生によるプレゼン.JPGStudents' research presentations(Hakuyo Hall, Shinagawa Campus)

Prof. PARK Young-Gyu introduces KIOST .jpgProf. PARK Young-Gyu introduces KIOST

Closing remarks by Vice-President Tōkai.jpg

Closing remarks by Vice-President Tōkai