OQEANOUS-IJP experience report 1 (2019)

International Joint Program 2019.10.23

Host University: Tokyo University of Marin Science And Technology

Period of Exchange: 2019-04-01 ~ 2019-09-06 (5months)

Nationality: Republic of Korea

Home university: Korea Maritime &Ocean university

I had studied in TUMSAT as exchange student from April to September 2019 through the OQUIANIS program. In this writing, I would like to introduce my life in Japan. Originally, I had no expectation about studying abroad or exchange student. But, one day, Prof. Chang who was my academic supervisor recommended me to go to Japan as an exchange student. I thought myself that I wasn't good enough to studying abroad, it seemed like the last chance of my life. So, I finally applied the OQUIANUS program, I went to Japan after few months.

I arrived in Narita airport on April 1st. The first impression of Japan was amazing. Exactly, it wasn't so different from Korea, so I felt discomfort. Different thing was only language. Before arriving in Japan, I was worried that I couldn't adapt well. But thanks to this discomfort, I was able to head to Tokyo central station in confidence. After taking a limousine for 1 hour, I arrived to Tokyo central station. Here I was lost my way for the first time in my life. I had thought that I never lose my way because my hometown is a big city in Korea and I've not any experience that I've been lost. It was a fun experience to think about now, but I was quite embarrassing at that time. After wandering there for a while, I could find my way, and finally arrive in Shinagawa where I would live in late afternoon. So, on first day, I headed straight to my dormitory without I was't able to see my Japanese supervisor and colleagues who study with me, my first day of Japan was over.

In next day, as soon as I got up, I headed to the lab with Jin who came to Japan with me From Korea. When I went to the lad, my tutors, Orita and Go, greeted me. I briefly greeted my lab colleagues then I met my Japanese supervisor. He gave me a simple explanation of the lab with welcoming greeting, that meant my life in Japan was started.

Few week later, I got used to Japan a lot, English and Japanese were also much better than the first. About that time, Prof. Tani who was my Japanese supervisor invited me to do small research project concerning methane hydrate. His intention was probably to grow up my presentation and writing skill. Because he knew that my major in department is very different to do this project, so his intention would have been that. Of course, I also think that, so I did my project without pressure. But it was more interesting than expected and I made a quite good result. I think this is the most meaningful one and interesting outcome of my life.

I studied a lot because my original purpose was to study new one in Japan. But only to study or research, I love to play too much. So, I traveled every weekend with Jin. In first few weeks, we only traveled around Tokyo. But Tokyo was little smaller than we think. So, we started to go outside of Tokyo. The first was mt. Takao where isn't too far to Tokyo. It located outside of Tokyo (1.5hours to Shinagawa by train). We expected a lot because it was our first visiting to the countryside of Japan. We arrived in Mt. Takao with lots of expectations and it was great as good as expectation. Its height wasn't high I think, but Takao's rustic countryside landscape, beautiful streets, and the big shrine caught my eyes. The memory of this time still remained clear.

After we visited Mt. Takao, we began to be interested in mountains of japan. So, we wanted to climb another mountain and decided to go to Mt. Fuji. This I think now that was good choice, but I regretted this decision.

Mt. Fuji was so beautiful. Clouds which below me, beautiful sun rising, it was a rare landscape that I could see once in my life and perfect reward after 8 hours of climbing. But we thought that we never climb this mountain again. Because it was too high to climb to us without enough prepare, the high altitude sickness, which had come since 8 station, has not allowed us to feel the impression. It was the worst experience since the military service. It was a marvelous experience that is great but regretful.

Like this, I've gained so many valuable experiences in Japan, and I didn't write in this article, but there were so many precious people, such ad Go and Sung. All of these were really precious memories for me now and will support me in my future life.

Thanks to Prof. Tani to give me a great opportunity. thanks to Taekyung and Hyosung for helping me a lot, and all others, thank you very much.