Language Courses

The following courses (from No.1~3) on the Japanese language and other subjects related to Japan are conducted for undergraduate students. However, OQEANOUS students can audit the following courses.
Also, OQEANOUS students can attend Extracurricular classes (No.5), which are not regular curricula.

1. Japanese language

  • Japanese language I - III (Etchujima Campus)

  • Integrated (comprehensive) Japanese I - IV (Shinagawa Campus)

  • Practical Japanese I - II (Shinagawa Campus)

These courses focus on Japanese needed at the university level.

  • Dissertation writing I - II

    These courses focus on grammatical and structural rules needed to write a graduation thesis in Japanese.

2 Presentation of Japan

  • Japanese affairs I - IV

    These courses focus on basic subjects (Japanese history, culture, politics, economy, technology and the environment) needed at the undergraduate level.

3. Introduction to marine industries in Japan

  • Fishing industries in Japan (Shinagawa Campus)

    This course provides basic knowledge about the Japanese fishing industry, including marine life, fishing equipment and methods, fishing boats, fishery equipment, fish farming and resource management.

  • Ocean industries in Japan (Shinagawa Campus)

    This course provides basic knowledge about ocean industries in Japan, including ocean energy, maritime transport, the impact of maritime transport on the earth and technologies to prevent it.

4. Japanese language-related course for Graduate School students

Name of Courses Specializations Subjects Credits Instructors
Course of Marine Policy and Management Marine Environment and Culture Japanese for Academic Purposes 2 OHSHIMA Yayoi
Course of Maritime Technology and Logistics Logistics Management Current Issues and Their Implications 2 NABATAME Tomomi

5. Extracurricular classes