For OQEANOUS students, the accommodation will be arranged from the following dormitories or apartment and will be offered by TUMSAT.
Accommodation fees are as below.

1. International House (at Shinagawa Campus)

① Amount of payment per month

Type of room Monthly fee
Boarding Expenses Covered by TUMSAT for OQEANOUS Students.
Communal area fee Single ¥3,700

② Reserve fund

Type of room
Single ¥25,520
 Couple ¥36,540
Family (shared) ¥25,900

*Cleaning fees of your room and curtain (③) are included in Reserve fund (②).

③ Room cleaning fee and curtain cleaning fee

Type of Room  Fee
 Room cleaning fee Single ¥17,820
Couple ¥24,840
Family(shared) ¥16,200
Curtain cleaning fee Single ¥4,000
 Couple ¥8,000
Family(shared) ¥6,000

* Room cleaning fee and curtain cleaning fee (③) are for cleaning your room after you leave. These fees are included in the reserve fund. (see ②)

2. Kaioh Dormitory (at Etchujima Campus)

  • ① Boarding expenses will be covered by TUMSAT
  • ② Heating and water utility charges for One year: 45,000 yen (3,800 yen/month)
  • ③ Dormitory entrance fee: 20,500 yen (collected at the time of entering the dormitory)
  • ④ Various expenses for One year: 26,400yen (2,200yen/month)
  • ⑤ Common service expenses for One year: 28,800yen (2,400yen/month)
  • ⑥ Residents Association fees: 7,000yen in two years (collected only when entering the dormitory)

* Heating and water utility charges (②), Common service expenses for six months (⑤) and Residents Association fees (⑥) for 2years shall be collected together at the time of entering the dormitory.

* The amount of expenses stated above may be changed according to fiscal year.

* Extra heating and water utility charges (②) and common service expenses (⑤), when running short, may be additionally collected.

3. Off-campus rental apartment

  • ① Room rent fees will be covered by TUMSAT for OQEANOUS Students.
  • ② Cost of restoring the room to its original condition
    5,500JPY ※One time only
    ※ This cost is non-refundable
  • ③ Heating and water utility charges
    Residents need to make a contract with utility companies by themselves, and usually they cost more than when living in dormitory. (charged as a family type of house, also fee for heat supply facility is charged)
  • ④ Family type of flat is shared by 3 students
    (3 students share common space such as, living dining room, kitchen, toilet, bathroom)
  • ⑤ It costs transportation fee to access Shinagawa campus
    Rinkai line: 2 minutes between Shinagawa seaside (nearest station from the apartment) and Tennozu Isle (near Shinagawa campus)
    Single fare: ¥206 (IC card)
    Pass card: ¥3,700-8,020 (1 month), ¥10,550-22,860 (3 months), ¥10,550-22,860 (6 months)
    Bus: 2 minutes' walk from bus stop "Yashio-kita"
    Single fare: ¥206 (IC card)
    Pass card: ¥9,230 (1 month), ¥26,310 (3 months)
    Bicycle: about 20 minutes

★As there is no bedding set for accommodation of 1 to 3 (International House, Kaioh Dormitory, Off campus rental apartment), it shall be prepared by residents. Residents need to rent or buy bedding set. For residents staying one year, to buy bedding set is reasonable.

The following bedding rental is only available for the residents in International House and Kaioh Dormitory.(The residents in Off-campus rental apartment need to prepare by themselves)

Bedding fee: ¥1,550 (monthly), ¥18,600 (yearly)
Comforter, pillow, blanket, and bed sheets (New bed sheets are delivered twice a month.)
Comforter is replaced with a summer cotton blanket between July and September.