This Department is composed of two professional fields of study on organisms as marine resource investigating the way of increasing aquaculture of marine organisms and its preservation and on proper productive marine organisms and the rational resource management system. Its curriculum comprises the subjects on various causes such as marine organisms' propagation physiology, nutritive metabolism, mechanism of anti-disease and other subjects on movement of resources as individual movement of shoal, mass heredity system, habitable environment, growth and survival, migration, fisheries production to educate students. The Department aims at making graduates become professionals in the fields of farming fisheries with environmental protection, resource renovation and preservation, fisheries production, resource management and prevention epidemics.


To better understand the physiology and ecology of marine biota as a part of life science, this course conducts education and research on the theories and technologies for the comprehensive and effective production and utilization of marine bio-resources, including the explication of the special mechanism by which marine biota can thrive in the oceans; the management, restoration and protection of bio-resources by making use of these mechanisms; the fishing system; the culture and breeding of fish; the instrumentation of the marine environment; and the creation of a useful marine environment. In addition, the Culture & Safety Management Course has been opened to educate and train students to become excellent professionals.

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